An adaptive, resilient and disaster safe Kingdom of Eswatini.

About Us

The National Disaster Management Agency is the Principal Institution for disaster Management established by Government, with the responsibility for the coordination and implementation of National Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRR/M), including disaster prevention, mitigation, adaptation, preparedness, response and rehabilitation.

What we do

Understanding Disaster Risk

Policies and practices for disaster risk management should be based on an understanding of disaster risk in all its dimensions of vulnerability, capacity, exposure of persons and assets, hazard characteristics and the environment. Such knowledge can be leveraged for the purpose of pre-disaster risk assessment, for prevention and, mitigation and for the development and implementation of appropriate preparedness and effective response to disasters.

Enhancing Disaster Preparedness

The steady growth of disaster risk, including the increase of people and assets exposure, combined with the lessons learned from past disasters, indicates the need to further strengthen disaster preparedness for response, take action in anticipation of events, integrate disaster risk reduction in response preparedness and ensure that capacities are in place for effective response recovery at all levels. 


Strengthening Disaster Risk Governance


Disaster risk governance at the national, regional and global levels is of great importance for an effective and efficient management of disaster risk. Clear vision, plans, competence, guidance and coordination within and across sectors, as well as participation of relevant stakeholders, are needed. Strengthening disaster risk governance for prevention, mitigation,