If you select corporate volunteer, you should provide the information of the primary contact person.
If you are registering a corporate volunteer, please provide the telephone of the organization.
If you are registering a corporate volunteer, please provide the address of the organization.
Code of conduct
(a) commit myself to render to the best of my ability and without fear or contradiction the service referred to in my application to enrol as a volunteer;
(b) abide by this Code of Conduct and all written policies and guidelines provided to me that are relevant to my volunteer work;
(c) undergo training in accordance with the Disaster Risk Management Act 2019 and the regulations made thereunder, the National Disaster Risk Management Plan and any other relevant policies in order to provide quality service;
(d) report for training duty, drills, exercise at such time and place as may be called upon by my unit or component leader and to provide as much time notice as possible if am unable to report for such c all up;
(e) accept supervision in the performance of my services as a volunteer and not to represent myself as an agent of the unit of volunteers or offer comment to the media unless approved by my supervisor;
(f) perform all assigned tasks to the best of my ability, and not to report for service whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
(g) treat with courtesy each individual with whom I come into contact regardless of the race, colour, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or national origin of the individual;
(h) obey all laws and regulations when reporting to and undergoing training, drills, exercises or rehearsals as well as when reporting for and rendering service as a volunteer; and
(i) set an example to others.